Poultry Show



When: All exhibit entries must be brought to the Cattle Shed on Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Entries will not be accepted after this time.

Where: The Poultry Barn behind the Arena

Chairperson: Rachael Flagg

Committee: Tony Vis and Marie Vis 

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  1. The general Rules and Regulations apply to this class. 

  2. No cross chickens 

  3. Pre-registration preferred as cages are limited. 

  4. All Exhibitors must be a Niagara Region Resident and have an Exhibitor Number, which can be purchased on the day of entry. 

  5. Entries must be brought to the cattle shed on Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. and remain until Saturday at 8.30 p.m. No exceptions

  6. The Chairperson reserves the right to refuse entries once the capacity of the building has been reached. 

  7. All exhibits shall be subject to health inspection at the time of arrival and sick or debilitated exhibits shall be removed. 

  8. Each Exhibitor will be allowed only 3 exhibits in each section. 

  9. Except where otherwise stated, each exhibit shall be entered singly & competed singly. 

  10. The Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage regardless of cause; all exhibits being entered are at the sole risk of the owners. 

  11. Animals will be cared for and fed by the Society. 

  12. Fair book wording must be used when filling out Registration Forms, i.e. 1X Plymouth Rock – White Cock 

  13. Birds are classified in different groups: 

    1. Cock - a male bird over 1 year of age 

    2. Cockerel - a male bird under 1 year of age 

    3. Hen - a female bird over 1 year of age 

    4. Pullet - a female bird under 1 year of age  

Prizes: 1st - $2.50, 2nd - $2.00, 3rd - $1.50; Special Ribbons for ages 14 and under.


For more information see the Exhibitor’s Handbook.

For a digital copy of the handbook, sign up below.

A hardcopy of the Exhibitor’s Handbook is available at various locations in Niagara including the Wainfleet Township Hall, Wainfleet Library, Port Colborne Library, Port Colborne City Hall, Boggio Pharmacy, Meridian Credit Union, Ben Berg, Minor Bros. Wainfleet, Avondale Wainfleet, Marshville Chocolates, Fenwick Library, Wellandport Hardware, Dunnville Library, Ridgeway Library, Fort Erie Library, Stevensville Library, Fonthill Library, Vineland Credit Union, and Avondale in Balls Falls.