Pet Show



When: Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

Where: Township Shed

Chairperson: Linda Fletcher

Committee: Alana Fletcher, Max Rhodes, Olivia Ingrao 

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  1. The general Rules and Regulations apply to this class. 

  2. Exhibitors must hold a Wainfleet Fall Fair Exhibitor Number. 

  3. No pre-registration is required. 

  4. The Exhibitor or his immediate family must own all pets. 

  5. Animals that appear to be suffering from disease or injury will be turned away and will not be allowed to compete. 

  6. Exhibitors must bring their own coops or cages when necessary. 

  7. All animals must be securely housed or leashed or kept under control by the exhibitor, and not allowed in the arena. 

  8. All adult cats must be in cages. 

  9. Fair authorities will not be responsible for run-away pets or injury to animals, exhibitors or bystanders. 

  10. For any wild animals (e.g. skunks, raccoons, squirrels, etc.) exhibited, the owner must have a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources. 

  11. Animals will be judged as pets only; a pedigree is of no importance. 

  12. The registered exhibitor must be with his or her pet at the time of judging, no sister, brother, or friend may substitute. 

  13. The Judge’s decision will be final. 

  14. The Pet Show is open to all school age children 

  15. The Pet Show will be held on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. The Pet Show will be judged without pause in the same order as listed. Be sure you are there when your section is called. 

Note: Pets cannot be taken into the Fair. No Pets are allowed in the Arena or on the grounds unless they are involved with another event or exhibit.


For more information see the Exhibitor’s Handbook.

For a digital copy of the handbook, sign up below.

A hardcopy of the Exhibitor’s Handbook is available at various locations in Niagara including the Wainfleet Township Hall, Wainfleet Library, Port Colborne Library, Port Colborne City Hall, Boggio Pharmacy, Meridian Credit Union, Ben Berg, Minor Bros. Wainfleet, Avondale Wainfleet, Marshville Chocolates, Fenwick Library, Wellandport Hardware, Dunnville Library, Ridgeway Library, Fort Erie Library, Stevensville Library, Fonthill Library, Vineland Credit Union, and Avondale in Balls Falls.