When: All exhibit entries must be brought to the Arena on Wednesday between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Entries will not be accepted after this time.

Note: Some categories are judged by taste. Judging starts at 8:30 pm on Wednesday. Items must be present before judging starts.

Where: The Arena

Chairperson: Eileen Grabell

Committee: Danielle Carmichael, Ann McKibbon, Carrie McMillan, June Suess

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General Rules

  1. The general Rules and Regulations apply to this class. 

  2. Food should be sealed in a leak proof plastic e.g. ziplock bags 

  3. All entries must be tagged with a proper tag and secured to each entry.

  4. In categories where there are 6 entries or more, there will be a fourth prize.


Preschool, Elementary, and Secondary School

  1. Students enter in their grade section as of September of the Fair 

  2. Exhibits must be made by entrant.

  3. Prizes in each section: 1st - $2.00, 2nd - $1.75, 3rd - $1.50, 4th - $1.00 



  1. No manufactured or prepared mixes or pie fillings unless specified.  

  2. No whipped cream. Whipped topping may be used. 

  3. Students may enter any adult class provided they have an adult exhibitor pass 

  4. Yeast Dough, Pastry, Pies, Cakes = Prizes: 1st - $7.00, 2nd - $6.00, 3rd - $5.00, 4th - $1.00 

  5. OtherCategories - Prizes: 1st - $3.00, 2nd - $2.50, 3rd - $2.00, 4th - $1.00 


For more information see the Exhibitor’s Handbook.

For a digital copy of the handbook, sign up below.

A hardcopy of the Exhibitor’s Handbook is available at various locations in Niagara including the Wainfleet Township Hall, Wainfleet Library, Port Colborne Library, Port Colborne City Hall, Boggio Pharmacy, Meridian Credit Union, Ben Berg, Minor Bros. Wainfleet, Avondale Wainfleet, Marshville Chocolates, Fenwick Library, Wellandport Hardware, Dunnville Library, Ridgeway Library, Fort Erie Library, Stevensville Library, Fonthill Library, Vineland Credit Union, and Avondale in Balls Falls.